12 volt 65 amp sealed lead acid Sanat battery


Sanat Rayan Pars (SANAT) sealed lead acid battery 12 V 65 amp hours

Sanat Rayan Pars lead acid batteries (SANAT) have been used in various fields of industry due to their structure and the important point is that they are rechargeable and do not require special repairs and maintenance and should only be stored in a dry and cool place. Keep away from flammable materials.

Battery usage:

Sealed lead acid batteries are used in continuous systems and standby systems, mainly this battery is used as a UPS battery and also in other telecommunication, electrical, medical systems and equipment, power stations, audio systems and Image, portable equipment as well as protection and control systems can be used.

12 volt 65 amp battery specification table:
Battery model SANAT 12v 65Ah
Capacity at 25°C 1 hr (40.0A, 9.6v) 5 hr (10.4A, 10.5v) 10 hr (6.5A, 10.50v) 20 hr (3.48A, 10.8v)
40 Ah 52 Ah 65 Ah 69.6 Ah
Battery Dimensions Total Height Height Width Length
174 mm 174 mm 167 mm 350 mm
Approximate weight 20.80 Kg ± 1%
Full charge internal resistance < 7mΩ at 25°C
Spontaneous discharge (25°C) 2% capacity reduction per month at 25°C (77°F)
Capacitance changes due to temperature -15°C 0°C 25°C 40°C
65% 85% 100% 102%
Charging voltage at 25°C standby system continuous use
13.5~13.8v (-2mV/°C) 14.40~14.7v (-3mV/°C)
Advantages of industrial batteries:

One of the advantages of industrial batteries compared to other batteries is the use of high purity alloy leads in the production line for all amps. Compliance with lead quality is only used in a few companies and many companies Recycled lead is used, which makes Sanat batteries with a lifespan of 10 to 12 years available to the world market, while non-mineral lead batteries have a lifespan of 5 years. It has been proven in the Islamic Republic of Iran and can even be questioned.)

High quality of consumables:

The lead used in the battery is produced in Canada, this lead is 100% analyzed and anti-corrosion. It is worth mentioning that Canada is one of the best producers of lead in the world.

Automatic discharge of gas produced in the battery:

Industrial battery has a sealing system and release of produced gas. This system prevents the retention of excess gas in the battery and increases the useful life of the battery.

Automatic unloading system:

The Sanat battery has a minimal automatic discharge that only loses 15% of its voltage if the battery is not used (more than six months), and this lost voltage is compensated for after 2 hours of recharging.

Use of copper in poles:

Due to the use of copper in the ends of the poles, industrial batteries have better conductivity and more endurance, and have high strength against frequent opening and closing of the pole screws.

The right price of a 12 volt 65 amp battery:

Sanat Rayan Pars, due to respect for the rights of the consumer, has always tried to offer a more reasonable price than other batteries in the market, considering the minimum possible profit and reducing side costs, despite the high quality of its products. provide

Adaptation to weather conditions:

Industry battery can be used in all weather conditions of the country. This battery is compatible with the normal temperature of the environment and in terms of charging and discharging, it has the ability to adapt to the weather and humidity of the working environment.

after sales service:

Sanat Rayan Pars Company has one of the fastest and strongest after-sales service systems in Iran, which can be provided anywhere in the country in the shortest possible time. This service, which includes battery replacement, sending a spare battery for replacement until the cause of the problem is investigated, and other related services, is performed in Tehran and in cities with representatives within 24 hours.

Compliance with consumer needs and wants:

Sanat battery meets the different needs of the consumer due to the variety, in ampere-hours and dimensions and weights. It should be noted that all batteries have two production dates, one engraved and the other printed on the front of the battery.

Standard packaging type:

The packages containing Sanat’s 12V 65A battery have a strap that is easy to carry, and the unilite around the battery ensures that the battery is not damaged during transportation and has complete safety.

Sanat Rayan Pars Trading Company, with a 25-year history, operates in the field of supply and distribution of all types of VRLA shielded batteries in the country. This company was established at the beginning of 2012 by a group of graduates of Sharif University of Technology and Tehran, and the founder and executive team of this company has more than 20 years of brilliant experience in the country’s telecommunications and power industry. One of the advantages of this company is the benefit of highly specialized human resources throughout the value chain of supply of goods and services.


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